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 Song(s) I wrote

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PostSubject: Song(s) I wrote   12/31/2008, 10:09 pm

When the end comes
All will be revealed
And everything falls into place
And then it all falls out
Every thread you held dear snaps
And they're sewn back together
With needles that are memories
And soft, stringy guesses
Though you don't have to guess anymore
Nothing is as you thought it was
Everything just seems
And nothing rhymes anymore

And all your dreams are clay birds
And reality's a gun
And the fragments are thrown away
And the weapon goes in your museum

And you visit it while it's on display
You stare in disbelief everyday
And then you pass the landfill on a train
Wait until everything is as right as rain

When the sun rises
And there's no sun at all
And when you trust everyone
Except for anyone
When there's a vaccine for infectious laughter
You may experience yawning
And when everything's frosted and damp
So your spirit follows suit
And when everything's just wonderful
So your spirit is a dissenter
And when everything is as clear as mud
And you need a delusive strainer
And when words are cumbersome and slow
Like leftover honey in a jar
And when thoughts are like gathering bees
Humming, stinging and dying
And when all else fails
Always and never
And when boredom begins to set in
Just remember this
Remember when everything was new
And when there were still fences
And nothing could run everywhere
But nothing was off-limits


But memories fade, I guess
And then the movie ends
And then everyone gets up, claps and leaves
And the handlebars on ladders of comfort vanish
And then you land on the ground
And you cushion yourself with fingers of hope
And then all your fingers break


Tell me what you think with the poll and a few other comments; I might post some more another time.
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Song(s) I wrote
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