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 homecoming blues

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PostSubject: homecoming blues   9/25/2008, 1:57 am

ok surprisingly, i have a serious question...

my best friend likes this guy, shes a freshman and hes a senior. he also likes her cause on like the 3rd day they knew eachother, he asked her out, but the problem is...he smokes =[
so she had to deny, but he said he was trying to quit smoking anyway, and now he did. my frineds ex-boyfriend who is obsessed with her, but not over obsessed, and the guy she likes now both asked her to homecoming, and she also said she was going to just go with me and a few of our friends to homecoming. but i dont want her to feel like she has to go with me and our friends to homecoming, but she does want to but yet she doesnt. so now she still likes this guy but she doesnt know if she wants to go out with him cause he still used to smoke. and now hes lost someone very close to him in his family, and i think she feels that she has to go with him to homecoming, because she would feel bad if she didnt(that is if he ever comes back to school), so how do i help her make a decision about going to homecoming, without feeling that she let different people down by promising a group she'd go with them, but trying to make someone else happier by going with them???????

*confusing question, i know...its a very complicated story

H E L P!! Question confused Question
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PostSubject: Re: homecoming blues   9/25/2008, 10:10 pm

Whoa, wait, that guy who used to smoke isn't a certain percussionist is he? (We can't use names here.) As far as the used to smoke thing, pasts don't matter. If he's quit smoking, then he doesn't smoke, thus making him an actual prospective date. She shouldn't mess with the ex-boyfriend because it failed once, and it's likely to fail again. Plus, it's kinda creepy that he's still obsessed with her. Freshman x senior? Doesn't matter. It's frowned upon, but when you look at it, it's only a couple of years. I fell in love with a senior my freshman year. Overall, your friend should do what she wants to do, not what she feels like she should do. This is homecoming. She has no obligation to anyone.

Don't mess with a marching band!
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PostSubject: Re: homecoming blues   9/25/2008, 10:57 pm

Ummm.......... As I recall I did create an advice colum part to the forum........ Coffee

I will give you my heart ......(litterally).........if you have the time to spare.....


Or perhaps i will just stay in my Emo Corner.....
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PostSubject: Re: homecoming blues   

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homecoming blues
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